Female Sex Enhancement Pills Side Effects


Are there any female sex enhancement pills side effects? The short answer is yes. The long answer is the following.


Female enhancement pills are made from a patented mix of elements that are unique to the producer. And, each element can have some side effects. Do you know that increase in you breast size can be a side effect of some medicines that you may be taking? For example, antidepressants, estrogen pills, and contraceptive tablets. Mayo Clinic also states that nowadays there no researches that prove the effectiveness of breast enlargement pills. If you want more efficient options for breast enhancement, it will be better for you to talk to your health care provider first.

And now, the side effects.

Breast Cancer


One of the common ingredients in female enhancement supplements is the phytoestrogens. What is that? It is a botanical that may cause a hazard of breast cancer. According to some experts, female hormones, in particular, phytoestrogens, may rise or reduce the peril for cancer in different individuals.

Blood Compound Changes


Indeed some of the elements in the enhancement capsules can alter blood composition. Compounds such as Saw Palmetto and Pueraria Mirifica may be a reason for anemia or slowing down the blood clotting. This may be dangerous. Especially, for individuals who already suffer from another illness.

Your Prescribed Medication May Be Affected

Yes. If you are undergoing treatment and are taking the enhancement pills, you may find that your prescribed medication is not as effective as it should have been. This may be caused by the herbs included in the tablets.

Estrogen Enhancement


There may be herbs that can mimic estrogen’s function. However, it can never be paired with the effect of the original can deliver. As the estrogen levels get affected, it can result in:

  • Hampering well-being;
  • Mood swing;
  • Vulnerability to a headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Weight Gain

That’s correct. Weight gain. It is a point that women must consider. Thanks to the fluctuations of estrogen in the body, you may put on a few extra kilos.

Other Side Effects

Besides side effects above, there are some other side effects of the enhancement pills. For instance, a heavy burden to your budget. Why? Well, because these medicines are expensive. Not only that, there is no guarantee that the pills prove their authenticity too. Not to mention efficacy. Other side effect includes insomnia.


What about pregnant or breastfeeding women? Can they consume the pills? The better option is not to. Keep in mind that the pills can be harmful to infants of pregnant or breastfeeding women. This is due to the pills’ content of estrogen, natural or a synthetic one.

So, those are the female sex enhancement pills side effects. Are you going to consume enhancement pills? If you want to consume one, make sure you talk to your doctor first. Also, consider the side effects that the pills may bring too.

What Things Can Worsen Your Sex Life?



You have to consider drugs for high blood pressure, drugs that are called beta blockers directly affect sex. There are other medications for things like other dementias, for anti-inflammatories that will directly affect sex. So learn a little bit more about medications you are using because they may be the problem.



Now we have to consider a couple of things that often are considered to go along with sex. Number one is alcohol. There are some benefits to alcohol. It is been studied, and it can help in some ways. For sex, all it does is perhaps decrease inhibition but there are some benefits perhaps for the heart, and you can relax the body, you can help with pain. But on the other hand, alcohol directly affects fat metabolism, you can’t lose weight as easily. It also directly affects sexual desire. So you drink in order maybe get in the mood for sex, but it is also going to decrease the enjoyment and the desire for sex. So consider alcohol intake. It may be ruining your sex life as well.



The other thing is smoking. I hope the most people out there are not smoking. Unfortunately, there has been a resurgence in smoking. There is something called Berger’s disease; it has to do with circulation. Circulation is a primary thing for sexual health. If you can’t get blood to the right places, then you can’t enjoy sex. You might not be able to do it. So if you are smoking, you decrease circulation, you alter your ability to even have sex.

Lungs we have to worry about, but the body goes acid, so many things get set off that are negative with smoking. And I can’t say enough about not doing it. So consider not smoking because it is going to affect your sex life.

Again we want to look at these things that can be factors and ruining our sex life. Don’t always blame yourself. Sex is a mental thing as well as a physical thing, but if you don’t have the physical together then I do not care how much mentally you are into it and really there is a lot of biology and the way you think as well.

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Breast Enhancement Pills Comparison 2015


Breast enhancement pills is a way exaggerated breast fast and powerful, they are made from herbs, and natural ingredients are safe with no side effects at all. These supplements are one product which is very popular in countries of which have been proven its value to users and consumers.

A woman’s breast has a special attraction for men of normal, sometimes women who have sagging breasts or small she felt less confident in everyday life day, she would feel awkward with the state of the breasts that sag or small, therefore you have to be smart in treating them, you are so strong and big, big boobs and toned woman was very special in the eyes of men.

Big bosoms are one of the female breast crowns composed. Adult women generally have breasts with a diameter of 10-12 cm, weighing about 200 grams (not pregnant) and reaches 400-600 grams (at the end of pregnancy) and during breastfeeding to reach 600-800 grams. Breasts are also contains collagen; collagen aging will be thinned so that the boobs will slacken. Many women who have sagging breasts, a few things that can cause this include: pregnancy factors, aging, hormone disorders, etc. To tighten the breast, one of them is to use breast enhancement pills.


Breast enhancementsupplements is useful for breast enlargement, tightening, smooth skin, breast beautifying, enlarge the shape and boobs slows become wrinkled.

This enlargement drugs are easily absorbed by the body directly to strengthen functioning muscles of the breast and make them so beautiful, firmer and sexy. These tablets are produced using the advanced technology made from natural crop nutritious and efficacious high to improve blood circulation to breast, stimulate growth skin cells  so chest goes for bigger, rejuvenate and maintain beauty skin, retaining elasticity skin, keeping firmness to not saggy and wrinkles, containing vitamin E the very useful to maintain softness skin , it’s quite used 3-7 days visible results (time of growth and change each individual is different)

Comparison with Other Breast Enlargement Products


Vacuum breast pump is the name of one of the famous products specific to enlarge the boobs, this tool is commonly called among the general vacuum tool enlarge the natural chest, many women use them to have a small breast, the breast sideways, sagging breasts after childbirth and breast down.

This device is a product with high-tech methods that have been updated scientists to create and maintain optimal breast health, the beauty of the body with a fairly cheap price. This product is very reliable because the achievement of the beauty of the shape of the bosoms and it is as good as breast enhancement pill above.

Penis Pumps Results


Penis pumps results are many depend on how you use it. In fact, it is time for you to learn about penis pump result. When you want to use this product, you have to make sure that you use it correctly. When you are using the best option for a product like this, you will realize it can provide you with the nutrients. Here are the best effects that you can obtain by using it.

Positive Effects of Using Penis Pump

The positive effect of using penis pump probably can provide you with the things that you need. You can finally able to have a big penis that you need. Upon having a big size of the penis, you will realize that it can provide you with the things that you need. In fact, having big penis can provide you with strong penetration that you need. In the end, you can do any type of sex position that you like.


Another positive effect, it can make you have comfortable feeling when you have sex with your mate. It is indeed that choosing the best option of penis pump will provide you with the things that you need. Now you should  do something about it, visit goforsize.com for more information

Facts about Using Penis Pump

There are several facts of using this penis pump product that you have to know. You should read the manual before you want to use this product. Without reading the manual, you will realize that it can make you find easier to use this penis pump product. Therefore, you have to do your best when you are using it.

Penis pump will be able to give you an advantage as long as you don’t use it wrongly. Try to be smart when using this product and you will see the best result of it.

Some Causes of Low Sperm Count


Male Infertility

Male infertility is surely a nightmare for every man. Why? It is because male infertility is able to destroy man’s hope in order to have children of their own. There are many reasons why people are suffering from male infertility hence we need to really pay attention to the symptoms. One of the symptoms which is causing male infertility is low sperm count. In here, we are going to answer the main question about male infertility which is: what are causes of a low sperm count? There are actually two general causes that can trigger low sperm count that are the medical issues and also environmental issues where in here we are going to focus on medical issues. The hope is that we can identify the causes earlier hence we can take early action to cure it.

Some Causes

The first medical cause of low sperm count is an infection. The infection that is transmitted through sexual intercourse can decrease the sperm count significantly. It is because the infection is able to make a scarring that will probably inhibit the passage of sperms. When the passage is blocked, it will be harder for sperm to be able to get a pass to the ovum. This can surely cause male infertility hence all we have to do is to avoid free sex.The second medical cause is the ejaculation problems where one of them is weak ejaculation. Weak ejaculation is able to cause the sperm not to getting through the ovum hence it may cause male infertility. The third cause is varicocele. Varicocele is the disease that is causing a swelling in the vein. This disease can reduce sperm count because it prevents to get normal cooling. In conclusion, there are still many other causes of low sperm count, and we need to aware of those causes. Semenax is able to improve your sperm amount by 500%.